Why I WOULD Hire a Mom


So I'm sure you may have seen this inflammatory article on Scary Mommy last week - in short the author states she'd LOVE to hire a stay at home mom who's trying to re-enter the work force, only if she'd be willing to inconvenience her children, husband, in essence, her livelihood, in order to go back to work full time.  While the article itself makes an incredibly poignant point of the expectations of the American worker, and the devaluation of time spent as a family unit, it is still well written and makes an interesting point.  I'd like to take some time to pull the goodness out of the article and add my two cents in about who I WOULD hire a mom to work with me.

Moms Are Expert Negotiators
Let's face it, moms are awesome at getting their kids to eat broccoli and calming tantrums down - we know what it takes to "sell" something to our kids.  I made up this elaborate story for my now 5 year old about a magic tube that runs from his stomach to the trees outside, and that my eating "little trees" (i.e. broccoli), he's feeding the big trees outside.  Long story short....he loves broccoli.

Moms Are Amazing Multi-tasters
Who else but a mom can make lunch, help make a Valentine's day craft, feed the dog AND change the babies diaper at the same time?  All the while listening in on a conference call at 8:30am.  We are amazing superheroes that take our super powers for granted....every day.

Moms Are Patient....Even if They Don't Always Think They Are
In those moments when we feel as though we are going to lose our shit, punch the wall or just scream at the top of our lungs, it's important to step back and see the amount of grace, restraint and understanding we truly possess in those moments.  Think about if anyone else were in that same position as you - dealing with an entire box of cereal spilled on the floor, oatmeal smeared on the wall, or mud tracked in the house - and how they would have reacted.

Moms Are Hella Hard Workers
We run on empty....and often.  We are constantly relied on by multiple people for multiple things, and yet we still find the time to feed, bathe and clothe ourselves.  We oftentimes put others ahead of ourselves but are still able to get EVERYTHING done.  Moms fucking ROCK.

Articles like this one are the exact reason why I started ROKI - to help create and foster a community for moms to express their individual needs and concerns.  Blanketed statement-articles like this one continue to disperse the stigma that all working moms can be lumped into one giant category, and are irresponsible and just plain wrong.  Comment below, or comment in The ROKI Community about your thoughts.