Fear - The Evil Monster Holding Us Back From Greatness

We've all been there - a pivotal point in our lives where we feel something big is on the horizon, but we may not be 100% sure how to get there or even how to start.  I was there just a few short months ago - I had walked away from a thriving consulting business to roll in-house with a tech company to help launch a startup; a step I thought at the time was the right one but quickly figured out wasn't.  I knew there were bigger and better things waiting for me, but I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to get there.  Before I could even begin processing where to start, I had to step back to take a look at what was really holding me back.  In one word - FEAR.

I was so afraid of stepping away from a monthly paycheck again, even though I wasn't happy.  I was so afraid of stepping back out into the unknown world, where I would have to forge my own path, instead of walking down one which was already laid.  Fear has a really funny way of tricking us into thinking way too much about unknown outcomes, and writing elaborate stories filled with struggles, embarrassment and heartache.  Fear has gotten so good at weaving the ugliest tapestries filled with lies in order to hold us down and control us.  We are slaves to our thoughts and emotions, when in reality, we can be in control of our thoughts and emotions.  So what's really holding us back from being great?

Change Your Mindset

The first step to realizing your potential is realizing that you are in fact in control of your thoughts and your mindset.  But like anything new that we try in life, altering your mindset takes dedication and practice.  Start each morning off by writing in a Gratitude Journal and don't just write about the superficial things you're grateful for (i.e. "I love my Louis Vuitton purse", etc).  Instead, think about EVERYTHING in your life that you're grateful for - a warm bed to sleep in, all ten fingers and ten toes, your voice - and start focusing on all the good in your life. As you start filling your head with positives, that nagging voice begins to diminish, and over time with disappear.

Change Your Habits

You've heard this a thousand times, so here it is for the thousand and one-th time - changing your daily habits can change your life.  It's been shown that coffee consumption has been linked to increased anxiety so what better way to quiet the nagging voice inside than to cut out caffeine?  I personally stopped drinking coffee a few weeks ago and have been sleeping better and have been thinking clearer ever since.  What other daily habits do you see yourself doing that might be holding you back from being your awesome self?

Change Your Actions

Fear is a cunning beast - it not only persuades our thoughts, but can sometimes persuade our actions as well.  Do you find yourself avoiding certain situations because you're afraid of what might happen?  I remember when I was a kid, after I was bitten by the neighbors dog, I found myself purposely avoiding the neighbors house and walking on the other side of the street.  I was so consumed with the fear of running into that dog, I tried to avoid everything around it like the plague.  But I remember one day, years later, I thought "nuts to this, I'm not afraid anymore" and was able to not only walk past my neighbors house, but started becoming friendlier with dogs, and eventually became a certified dog obedience trainer!  

What can you do to change your mindset, habits and actions, starting today, to allow yourself to begin unleashing your potential?