Don't Look Back - a Story on Moving Forward

Once upon a time, there were three women, who on the same day passed on from the physical world.  On that same day, they all appeared together on a barren field.  The three women, Alice, Maya and Sera, were then greeted by another woman who announced that they had passed on, and with the wave of her hand, a road appeared.  At the end of the road was a fork that diverged in two directions.  The woman spoke again, and said "Each woman will decide her own fate - ahead is a forked road.  Each woman will travel on this road and must decide which path to take.  One leads to Heaven and the other to Hell"  

The three women looked at each other, and Alice was the first to step forward.  As she began to walk forward, the other two saw her go to the right, then she entered the woods and disappeared.  Next, Maya stepped forward and chose to go left at the fork.  The she too disappeared into the forest.  Finally, Sera was left alone.  She slowly began walking forward and came upon the fork in the road, but did not know which road to take.  She simply sat down and began to cry.

Alice, the first woman to step forward, found herself in a green meadow surrounded by others in happiness.  She approached the flowering pastures and saw a sign posted "Heaven".  She had chosen wisely and therefore laid down in peace.  Maya, the second woman to walk, came instead to a disheveled village.  The houses were crumbling and the people looked scared and unhappy.  A sign dangled at the town entrance that read "Hell".

Maya spoke with the villagers and heard stories of wild animals and bandit attacks - she was mortified.  She enlisted the help of others and started to plan a strategy to protect and rebuild the village.  It was a hard journey but in time, the houses were rebuilt and the wild animals had been domesticated.  Bandits no longer attacked the village and the people did not live in fear.  Maya looked at the wonderful transformation that occurred in the village, but felt like something was still missing.  She walked to the entrance of the town, tore down the sign that read "Hell" and replaced it with a sign that read "Heaven".

Moral: The only true hell is indecision.  Once you pick a direction, it is entirely up to you what you make of it.