My Entrepreneurial Journey - T-minus 2 Days

It was just a few short weeks ago when we found out that we got accepted to the AlphaLab Accelerator Program, my good friend Jess and I were beyond ecstatic, quite honestly in disbelief, of this news.  We had just met a mere six months before, and gone out to dinner just four months before to even begin discussing the idea we went into AlphaLab with.  We both had one thing in common - we were driven, high achieving moms, who wanted to work but also wanted to spend time with our kids.  For a very long time, I thought I was the only one who felt that way, but after meeting Jess and numerous other women who felt the same way, I not only felt like I had finally found my peeps, but that we had a special bond.  We cared so much not only about our emotional wellbeing, but also our intellectual wellbeing.  And that's what got Jess and I talking.

We talked at length about how important it was to not only make a difference in our community at large, but also set a solid and lasting foundation and impression with our growing children.  We talked about how we mutually cherished the time we had with our kids, while also having the flexibility to work on the projects that needed our help the most.  Jess, begin a grant writer and myself being a freelance consultant, we both understood the importance of flexibility, and that got us thinking of the millions of other current and soon-to-be parents that are either currently freelancing or will be in the future, and we started talking about the state of childcare and how inconvenient it currently was.

That led us to think of our idea for trying to bring flexible childcare options to parents who need it.  I can't go into more detail just yet (not until we speak to our lawyers!) but with that idea in mind and a few data points under our belt, we applied for the Alphalab Accelerator program, got invited to interview with a room full of prominent and influential entrepreneurs, business mentors and advisors, and left feeling absolutely on top of the world!  Little did we know that just a few short weeks later, we'd be accepted into the program and be on the journey to launching our own company!

Now we're just two days from the start of the program and I can safely say that anxiety is definitely starting to set in - all the what if's and fears that come with startup life are starting to creep into my head.  Shows like Silicon Valley certainly don't help either - the mere fact that 75% of all startups fail in their first year kept me up most of last night.  But I feel incredibly fortunate for many reasons:

  • I have an amazingly awesome, visionary partner who is super collaborative and aligned with my goals and vision
  • We have a tremendous amount of help through this Accelerator program, in the form of funding, access to mentors and training, and snacks galore!
  • I have years of both corporate marketing and entrepreneurial experience under my belt - I need to remember that

So I will be chronicling my entrepreneurial journey in the blog and also giving the members of ROKI exclusive behind-the-scenes access to all things entrepreneurial!  Join today to follow me on my journey!