"I love having a place to go to be both a mom AND a business owner.  In fact, I find The ROKI Community to be my happy place!" - Erin Gaus, ErinGaus.com

Joining ROKI is right for you if:

  • You're tired of feeling judged - you want a place you can openly ask any questions you need to about doing what's right for you and your family, and you're not getting the answers you need in other groups
  • You feel alone - you think no one out there feels the same way you do, or is struggling the same way you are.  Guess what...you're not.  Together, we can do this!
  • You're tired of being bombarded by network marketing solicitation in other online groups - The ROKI Community does not allow selling posts from its members (aside from promotional threads once a month!)
  • You are not ready to jump into coaching or a workshop, but need answers to your burning business questions
  • You're looking for accountability and support from like-minded moms to make the next big decision in your life - everywhere you go, it feels like everyone is in it for themselves.  You don't mind making a small investment to receive a sizable return!