WorkMuse is a job sharing site dedicated to helping moms find the right personal and professional balance for themselves and their families.  WorkMuse is currently in development and is set to launch in the Summer of 2016!

Après is a community that is helping women reconnect with their professional selves - Après gives you access to a curated job market, corporate partners who are committed to hiring women returning to the workforce, and an extensive member profile so you can highlight your best skills. Join the community today!

Fairygodboss provides jobs and job reviews for women, by women.  Our mission is to improve the workplace and lives of women.  We do this by creating a fear-free zone where women can share their anonymous opinions and data about their workplaces and employees. 

Co-founded in 2007, iRelaunch is dedicated to helping professionals return to work after a career break and employers hire from this talent pool. The iRelaunch Return-to-Work Conference is the largest and longest-running dedicated career re-entry event in the US. iRelaunch works directly with employers to develop reentry internship programs. To get the most important information for your relaunch, click here.


Here's the PlanYour Practical, Tactical Guide to Advancing Your Career Through Pregnancy and Parenthood offers an inventive and inspiring roadmap for working mothers steering their careers through the parenting years. Instead of just coping with the Parenting Penalty, Downey shows us how to conquer it, with visionary and responsible advice for all of the difficult, interpersonal challenges that can arise for mothers with careers.

The Conscious Parent takes a holistic view into parenting and shifts the paradigm of the traditional parent/child relationship. Traditional books on parenting about with clever techniques for control and quick fixes for dysfunction.  In Dr. Shefali Tsaraby's conscious approach to parenting, however, children serve as mirrors of their parents' forgotten self.